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How to Create Interactive Videos for your Business

This unusual marketing video project started when the worldwide professional services company, Deloitte, came to us with a request for a new brand video to help advertise their Catalyst division, whose job is to connect huge multinational companies looking for new technologies with promising tech startups.

It didn’t seem like a complicated task… until we heard the catch: they don’t want another “talking heads” video, where the bosses are interviewed about the various services they provide. They already have one of those. They wanted something new and innovative that their potential clients would love.

The challenge: Different audiences, different needs

Creativity wasn’t the only catch - there was one more. By its very nature, Catalyst is a division with two types of very different clients: on one hand, huge firms; on the other, young and lean tech startups. Each of these has different needs when they come to Deloitte, and each wants to hear different information before deciding to sign up.

So, to recap, not only did we need to pass along a lot of information in a captivating, creative way, we also needed to speak to two different audiences. Naturally, our first question was, wouldn’t each audience get bored listening to services that don’t apply to them…? And the answer turned out to set the tone for the entire project: what if they didn’t have to listen to ALL the content?

The solution: An interactive adventure, suited for each viewer’s needs

The concept we and Deloitte came up with perfectly matched all of the project’s needs - an interactive video, where the viewer is constantly making choices and answering questions like: are you a startup or a multinational company? If you’re a startup, which phase are you in? If you’re a multinational, what kind of technology are you looking for? This way, we not only made sure the viewer saw only what interested them, but we also engaged them much more deeply than a passive viewing could ever do. Of course we made sure it wasn’t all business - we threw in a few just-for-fun choices, a couple of jokes, a cool opening… the point was to make it FUN!

Conclusion: The medium is the message

The production was challenging, in the best way possible. We had to think about every fork in the video’s road, come up with alternative answers, and make sure everything matches while shooting the video, so that the final result would work as a single, cohesive piece.

The client absolutely loved it. We managed to make the video super authentic - their real office, their real people, their division’s real vibe - and showcase a whole lot of information in a fun, engaging, and tailor-made way. And the fact that the whole project is so technological to begin with (it needed its own interactive platform!) only stressed their message of innovation further.

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