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Case Study: How to choose the best animation style to tell your story

Today’s case study is all about animation styles, and how choosing the right one will be reflected on the success in making your message engaging.

The project in question came to us from an innovative financial institution which focuses on sustainability and the greater good. They wanted an animated explainer to share their worldview as well as to promote the organization. We rose to the challenge!

The challenge: how to keep things interesting

This particular project presented a few challenges. Two of them stood out in particular. The first was length. This marketing video was based on a very interesting text written by the client. There was quite a lot to say on the matter and the voiceover amounted to more than five minutes: be honest, when was the last time you managed to stay focused on a video for that long?

The other big challenge was that, naturally, it was important to the client that we not only make the video visually diverse, but also make sure all that richness of content and all the different ideas fit together into one cohesive and clear statement.

So how do you create a video that’s both varied and unified?

The solution: a one-shot whiteboard animation video you can’t take your eyes off

We knew we needed a single solution to take care of both challenges. We asked ourselves what concept could be part of the message itself, and the answer was a continuous-shot whiteboard animation video. Continuous-shot means the entire video - all images, all scenes, everything! - takes place on the same huge sheet of paper.

That is, instead of watching one scene and then cutting to the next, the camera would have to move across the white page as more and more scenes come to life on it.

This solution tied up the plan nicely: it helps keep the viewer engaged, wondering where and what we’re off to next; it keeps previous scenes still in partial view, so the viewer doesn’t forget what else they’ve seen; and of course, it has a powerful ending. At the end of the video, as we zoom out to see all our images side by side, we are reminded of how interconnected the subject matter is. A healthy and fair economy is all about seeing the bigger picture!

Conclusion: a happy client with excited customers

We’re happy to say the client was very pleased with the result, so much so that they’ve featured our video on their website’s welcome screen. They’ve had a lot of great responses too, which means we must have hit the nail on the head: people really connected to the style, the topic, and of course the wow effect of that last zoom out.

Want to find creative ways to tell your story too? Get in touch.


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