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How we used AI to produce creative Passover Videos

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Hey there! As a video production company, we are always exploring new ways to create powerful and engaging content for our clients. That's why we've started using the help of AI-tools to unlock new and exciting possibilities in our production process.

So, here's the lowdown on how we made these Passover videos with the help of AI:

  • Ideas: Creativity is still a thing only we, living things, possess. That's why, no matter where AI takes us, human ingenuity and the spark of imagination will always stay the most important part and fundamental part of creation. This time around, we asked our buddy, Chat GPT (a fancy AI language model), "How would you have helped the Israelites during the Exodus". We wanted to get an idea of what a data-driven mind would do and base our videos on that. It's a great way to get the ball rolling and see what's possible.

  • General concept: From there, our creative team took those AI ideas and turned them into a killer concept for the video. This is where the magic really starts to happen - turning those silly but amusing answers - into a concept for three short videos.

  • Frames: We used an AI tool called Midjourney to create the visuals. We told it what we wanted, and vualá - in seconds, we had the frames that we would use for the animation. Well, to be honest, in real life, this takes a lot more than a few seconds. Making AI work for you and having it generate the image you're looking for takes a lot of skill, trial, and error - and imagination. It's only as creative as the one operating it.

  • Animation: Now that we had all those images ready, our team of talented animators used their creativity and know-how to turn those still images into real visuals - breaking them into separate, animatable assets and then bringing them to life!

Our creative managers used their imagination to harness AI to bring an idea to life. This was just a fun experiment, but we're already using these tools to elevate our work and videos to new highs - and to add a touch of AI magic to what we do. Join us as we discover more of what's possible in the next generation of using tools to express and explore creativity - all to do what we do best: make complex ideas simple.

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