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Case Study: LiquidNano

The project in the center of this case study came to us from LiquidNano, a company that makes a special coating against pathogens, and can be administered to surfaces in all kinds of ways - sprays, wipes and even industrial cleaning solutions. Naturally the big challenge was how to stand out among a big market of cleaning and hygiene products, a market that only grew bigger during COVID-19.

The challenge: How to make an unforgettable animation ad

With every video we make there is always the challenge of standing out in the crowd. But in this case it was particularly true, not only because the market’s so big, but because the usual selling point has been done to death. We could have made a simple video ad emphasizing how effective the product is and how important it is to be hygienic during this global pandemic. But the viewers already know all of that - they’ve heard it from the rest of the competitors!

So what could get the message across in a new way?

The solution: Stepping back in time to show the future

LiquidNano’s biggest selling point is its innovation. It’s all about scientifically-backed products, and particularly about nanotechnology. We knew this would be our way into figuring out how to help them stand out.

We decided to commit to this futuristic vision... by going back to the past. The idea was to reference an old animation style from the 1950’s called UPA. We referenced it in every stage, from the script and voiceover style, to sound effects, and of course the illustration and final animation video.

By reminding people of the past, we could emphasize LiquidNano’s brand as the company that brings with it the future. The effect was double: first, the past\future idea helped us get the message across in the clearest way possible. And second, the nostalgic feeling helped make the video fun, unique and very memorable.

Conclusion: Opposites help us define things

The client was very enthusiastic about our video, from the moment they first heard the concept and until the final video was out making waves. It was a risky move to go for a concept that revolves around the opposite of the brand image - but it was exactly that opposite which made the brand’s innovative message so powerful.

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